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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm rob rob. first we want to talk with mr. john collins. >> some real wound up thunderstorms. didn't produce tornadoic damage but there was a tornado warning issued because of the potential for it. radar shows circulation but never made to it the ground. that area of storms that went through last night. but it's all gone now. off to the ocean. on the right of the screen, you can see the clouds from that departing weather. no radar echos in it though. too far away to be detected. there are a few clouds driting in from the west. there's a little piece of energy, or a little bit of a disturbance up in the great lakes that's throwing some clouds our way. but fair weather. that is a good term to describe what's going to happen this weekend. maybe a little on the cool side
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but fair. we'll talk about it on the insta weather plus forecast. our big story this morning comes out of prince georges county wrshgs last night a jury did reach a verdict in the trial of two officers accused of beating a university of maryland student last year. >> jurors returned a split verdict. we have the latest from upper marlboro. >> those officers face second degree assault charges and misconduct charges. officer reginald baker was acquitted, officer james harrison was found guilty of second degree assault but not guilty on misconduct charges. now, this case centers around this eyewitness video showing those officers using force again john mckenna during a chaotic terps victory celebration in 2010 in college park. the jury decided officer baker used reasonable force but found harrison used too much force. mckenna was unarmed, but attorneys defending the officers
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say that he was waving his fists around while illegally approaching a police lineup. they also claim mckenna threw a punch. prosecutors say the officers never yelled a command for mckenna to stay away and they dispute mckenna threw a punch. either way a split verdict means mixed emotions for the state's attorney and for the students at the center of all this. >> we believe tonight that the citizens of prince georges county have spoken loudly and clearly that, although we appreciate and we really honor the protection that's provided to us, that protection must be reasonable. that protection must reflect the dignity of every human being in this community. >> definitely glad that some justice has been done today. it's been a long two years for me and my family, but it was a broader crime committed here, and it spans way further than the two cops charged in this trial. we hope that the department of justice continues their investigation.
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>> sentencing for harrison is scheduled for december 14th. he could face ten years in prison. after what happens with officer baker and his future with the prince georges police department, right now the chief of police says that's unclear. either way, both officers are still officially suspended. in prince georges county, wbal tv 11 news. >> also in prince georges county, one person is dead and eight others in the area were taken to hospitals this morning after a mercedes collided with a metro bus. metro spokes person said the driver of the car was killed friday night when it struck the bus which was turning on to central avenue. eight people on board the bus were taken to the hospital with injuries not believed to be life threatening. officials say another vehicle going in the same direction as the mercedes was involved in a separate crash around the same time. two people in that vehicle were taken into custody. in howard county police arrested this man in a bizarre peeping tom case. 42-year-old michael mckenny faces burglary, visual surveillance and videotaping
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without consent charges. we're told numerous tips led police to the suspect after 11 news showed the video thursday and friday. investigators say mckenny used hidden cameras to secretly record the women inside their condo. detectives believe mckenny knew the victims and had stolen the key to their condo which he entered several times beginning in late june. authorities working to notify two other women who were all recorded in a separate incident. they're looking into whether other victims may have been videotaped. mckenny is being held on $100,000 bond. a baltimore county family is pleading for your help, one year after their son was violently murdered. the person who killed ernest bo gails is still on the run, but some crucial new evidence could bring them closer to justice. it was a year ago today when baltimore county police found 21-year-old ernest bo gails inside a car in pikesville, murdered. he had been shot several times.
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>> detectives learned mr. gails had been at the mcdonald's on the 8200 block of liberty road earlier in the evening. we bleefb believe he went there to meet some individuals. we believe the three suspects followed him out, forced him into the vehicle and forced him to drive approximately half mile to the location where his body wu found. >> today police released these photos of the suspects taken at that time mcdonald's. the victims mother sitting next to her husband and daughter asked for help in solving her son's murder. >> that's what we are hoping for today. that somebody will look at these pictures and recognize these guys and make a phone call that will help us get justice for our son. >> along with the crime stoppers reward, the family is also offering $10,000 for any information leading to an arrest. >> we're surviving by the grace of god and the love and support of good family members and friends. but every day is a struggle.
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>> baltimore county police are asking anyone with any information to call them at 410-307-2020. again, that number is 410-307-2020. and metro crime stoppers is also of ferg a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspects. that number is 1866-7-lockup. in this morning's medical alert, the flu is making an early visit to maryland. the state reported its first confirmed case last flu season on december 30th but already this year, four people have come down with the illness. we have a warning from health officials, plus why it's especially dangerous for children. >> right now with the first confirmed case, we know that we are in flu season. we know that it's here. >> it's official. the nasty cough, sneeze and fever inducing flu has made its
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move more than two months earlier than it did last year. >> the reports are coming in that it's a confirmed flu. there are two parts. so we're not too far off from what other states are experiencing. >> the first cases in maryland have affected four children in the baltimore area. state health officials say the kids are doing welsh although one was hospitalized. the early on set provides some initial clues as to whether or not this year's vaccine will be effective. >> it looks like these four cases that were a mix of two different types, these are gonna be good matches for the vaccine that we have available. we're going to monitor that throughout the season to make sure that we do have a good match. >> health officials are warning people to get their flu shots now, particularly pregnant women, the elderly, anyone with a chronic condition and chern six months and older. >> this is an age group, children of particular concern. there's some people that take flu a little bit tougher. they can have more serious consequences.
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>> a new cdc study reveals kids are particularly susceptible to flu. researchers looked at flu cases in children from 2004-2012 and found that nearly half of those who died from the virus had no under lying health conditions. >> just really brings home the fact that flu is often something that people can manage on their own. but for people that we can't really predict, some people have very serious consequences, some of which can be life threatening and result in hospitalation. it's not something to take lightly. get a flu shot. >> in baltimore, wbal tv 11 news. time is 9:08 1/2. >> thinking about the time. >> get the time right. >> you can count on it. >> 52 degrees on tv hill. more on the election. join us with books on u.s. presidents past and present. >> meet the newest addition to the maryland aquarium family. you can find out how you can
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name a new baby sloth coming up. and weather-wise, the rain has gone away, at least for the time being. we'll see how long that lasts. that's coming up with the insta weather plus forecas
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>> last evening we had a rare tornado warning out for part of the area from baltimore county. we'll review on the radar what was going on there. some thunderstorms started to develop in the virginia suburbs of dc up into montgomery county. storms expanded across howard county. by 6:30 in the evening, a really good cell developed over central baltimore county just north of
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the city. and that showed circulation up in the clouds, a few thousand feet up. a tornado warning was issued. still showing circumstance laying up in the clouds. it never apparently did reach the ground although some strong gusty winds developed which did cause some damage. lot of rain in this line of storms between 6:30 and 7:30. with the pendant out of the picture, things are fine. let's look at things going on right now as we look outside. lots of sunshine out there. not a cloud in the sky. at least around baltimore. 52 degrees at the airport. 57 at the inner harbor. 89% the humidity. that number's starting to go down now that temperatures are going up. any fog that was in the area this morning, there are a few patches of fog. that will be dissipating. 29.77 the barometer rising because the front is moving away from us now head on east. we have a west wind at three miles an hour. that breeze should pick up
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during the day today. temperatures this morning up to 57 at annapolis, 54 elkton, edgewood, 53. parkton spent the overnight hours in the 40s. now up to 50. westminster 54. still 39 out in oakland. little chilly. satellite picture. last night's storms all out to sea. moving away from us. but the core of this system is a big upper at moss spheric low. at the surface there is also a little low sitting under it. it's still spinning around out there. little impulse spinning around that. you see this dash line represents one. they spin around. there's some clouds west of us. won't be surprising to see a sprinkle come out of that. it won't change the basic weather for today. out in the tropics forecasters
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are watching a prop call wave in the caribbean. all in the atlantic. to see if there's any development with that at all. all is pretty peaceful in the tropics. here pretty quiet. one of those clouds could produce a sprinkle. 63 to 68 the high temperature. that's right on the normal, in the normal range for this time of year. lots of sun tomorrow. again in the 60s for highs. next week we'll be in the 70s and dry most of the week. >> thank you, mr. john. national aquarium's newest addition isn't easy to see. he's moving around a lot, not real pretty, but it's cute. >> he is cute. it's okay. all that expected characteristics of a sloth. by the way, he still needs name. >> the rain forest holds many treasures. some are easy to see. others, not so much. hidden in the trees are five sloths including this new addition, a baby two-toned sloth
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born in midaugusto mother ivy. >> we actually didn't expect this particular female to have a baby. she's been our sloth out all the time. she doesn't do slothy things. >> but here she is, or maybe she's a he. curators can't quite tell you, but they think she's a girl, about the size of a guinea pig now, sloths are born with their eyes open with a full coat of fur and soft nails. it's the third baby sloth to be born here. the aquarium wants the public's help. >> you get to name our sloth. >> the aquarium launched an online campaign to find the perfect name. one day alone they got 500 entries. >> some of the ones that have come insofar, speedy. cutey mccuterson is my favorite. sdwl the curator said on average sloths are active only about four hours a day and spend most of their time up in the trees. >> unfortunate thing about it sometimes is because they're doing what they do in nature, oftentimes they are very high up
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in a tree or curled in a corner and very difficult to see. >> so take a good look at this face. what name does she scream to you? >> yugly. >> yugly. no, cute little thing. comparing the candidates of today from the ones from the past. the fact free library will help us do that with a few reading selections. and is the state trying to pull fast one on voters? what are all those ads for question 7 aren't revealing. avoid paying high costs on car repairs. aaa will join us on what you need to know next time you send
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>> wellcome back. if you're looking for your next book selection, dr. karl heyed season here with some good recommendations. >> good morning. it is tension city. the name of the person who did the first debate. there's debate about his moderating. well, he had a book out a couple months ago about the presidential debate. it gives you all the inside scoop from nixon, kennedy and everything. so if you read it now, you're gonna really say, oh my goodness, what was going on? what was really in his mind? tension city. he really gets to it. there's a new book coming out about the president that people still think might have been the most impressive president, thomas jefferson. most controversial. >> this is a brand new book coming out. >> it will be out in about a week. the book that's already out
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about him that came out last week is cream brulee. you wonder what does that have to do with thomas yefr son? well, we know he was a gardener, university of virginia. he also loved french cooking and actually went to paris and discovered macaroni and cheese. >> no kidding? >> french fries. yes. introduced it to america. and pasta. we all have 20 pounds to thank for that. >> thank you. >> recipes are in here. it's just wonderful. because you don't think about thomas jefferson. >> are these his recipes? >> he americanized them and brought them to america. so french fries, macaroni and cheese, cream brulee. >> move over julia childs. >> but the president that had the most books written about him is lincoln. lincoln is the one. there's a book that's coming out about him.
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and there's 16,000 books written about abraham lincoln. more than george washington. he only has 3,000 books written about him. thomas jefferson, 2500. this one is team of rivals, arguably the best book about lincoln ever. >> wow. >> doris kearns goodwin. it's the book that the new poef vi coming out in a couple of weeks is based on lyndon. that's a steven spielberg. sally fields is mrs. lincoln and daniel day lewis is lincoln. it is going to be quite something. >> all right. that's the best one out of 15,000. get that one. >> now guest of honor. you hear about white house dinners. this is a book about what happened, and it's true, when thomas roosevelt, theodore roosevelt had booker t. washington, the first african-american to have dinner at the white house. and there was a big scandal about it.
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it was quite something because he had -- he invited booker t. washington to the white house for dinner. >> so this is all the ins and outs? >> and how he did it and why he did it. then our favorite, dolly madison. you know her from the ice cream. >> yep. >> all know that she was the one that saved george washington's portrait from the war of 1812. this is all about her and how she worked things. she was quite a politician on her own. so dolly madison. then if you really are getting a little tired of all the real life things, get the dirt with fiction. so there are two books by political insiders that are just great. the gq candidate. you get a lot of inside scoop there. and then the second book by miss wallace, who worked for george bush and was part of the mccain campaign. and she has a book about a female president called it's
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classified. that's good. you can read between the lines. so it's a great time to get your history, but all have some fun with books. >> have you found people have been coming in asking for these books? >> absolutely. they want to know more about lincoln because he was referred to. they know the movie is coming out. they want to neebt thomas jefferson. twhant to neebt some obscure presidents, too, garfield. everybody is into politics, presidents and first ladies. we have plenty of books if you're interested. >> a good reading lesson. thanks for joining us. please don't go away. the maryland zoo is joining us next.
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>> welcome back. greg wilson from the maryland zoo in baltimore joins us with
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the eastern screech owl. i'm surprised. you were saying when you came into the studio, i didn't see it. you said i have a screech owl. i expected something big. i didn't really see it. i sat down and looked at this tiny guy here. >> they are small. they're small, but they're fierce. they really don't screech. they're also known as shivering owls or ghost owls. their hooting is a very spooky kind of sound. they're so well camouflaged that you probably would never see them in the wild. but you can find them in suburban neighborhoods and your back yard. >> i always think of an owl as eating mice. this guy's pretty small to tackle a mouse. would he? >> he will eat nice, also grasshoppers as well. >> they're indigenous to this area? >> they oor indigenous to maryland. >> so keep an eye out for a little guy who would be hard to find in the trees. >> absolutely. >> what else is going on at the zoo. it's a busy season. >> it is. today we have our octobearfest. >> and we'll be running from 12 to 4 and will be featuring a lot of beer and seasonal ale, as well as objecting fest. >> where do the animals come in. >> we have big cat awareness day
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that's going on as well. there will be a lot of cat awareness. >> so the zoo is very active. today lab beautiful day weather wise. >> going to be a great day to come out. >> next week ton 27th and 28th we have our 29th year of zoo boo. >> that's the weekend ahead of halloween. >> correct. that's being featured by cf community bank. it will be running from 10 to 4. we'll be featuring costume contests, carnival games, crafts, entertainment, special enrichment force the animals at that time zoo and our ever popular pumpkin smash by the elephants. >> so lots of activities. especially over the next weeks. usually the weather is ideal for these activities. >> it really is. just go on to maryland in order to find out the times specific to the event. and for more information. it >> all happens, of course, at the maryland zoo in baltimore.
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and just one quicky here. we only have a few seconds. amongst you guys talking at the zoo, what's all the buzz? >> we talk about our guests. we talk about the fun that we have working there. it's a great time to see everyone. the great thing with zoo boo coming up, the animals, such good enrichment for them seeing the costumes and the families come in. >> thanks a lot for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i'm glad you brought this little guy around. he winks with one eye. more coming up in just a moment.
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>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for being with us. >> to be right in the middle of autumn, with all this great weather. it's typical. today's temperatures will be typically cool. >> i think the leaves are peeking now. >> the winds, the thunderstorms knocked more leaves down around. maybe that's a project for you this weekend. we did have some storms go through the area. they went through parts of baltimore, hartford county. the strongest of them. all out to sea now.
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ton right side of your screen, you can see some clouds. that's what's left of those storms. the rain out of range of the radar. here in the metro area right around baltimore, we have clear skies, not a cloud in the sky. just west of us, there are some clouds. some of those will drift across the area today, so we will pick up some cloudiness. a sprinkle from those clouds maybe? we'll talk about the details in just a minute. >> the 11 news i team has uncovered something all those ads for and against question seven aren't telling you. >> language in the gambling bill gives prince georges county voters the power to deny maryland a sixth casino site even if the referendum question passes. we have the commitment update. >> but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. >> question seven makes lots of promises. >> with a combined $50 million
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campaign doesn't tell you -- >> millions of dollars for new schools and teachers. >> but not really. >> if it passes the state line and residents of prince georges county vote against it, there may be no sixth casino sight. the maryland general assembly put that option in the bill. the bill states legislative intent that the commission may not award a lie sen for a facility in prince georges county unless the majority of the voters approve the referendum authorized by the bill. >> it is not binding. in every bill there's legislative intent. it's stated what the intent is. >> experts consider the wording politically powerful. >> i think it's pretty strong. and i think the commission would have to take very seriously the decision of the voters of prince georges county. >> plus location commission members would face a lot of pressure. do they follow the spirit of
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intent or, as the law also allows act in the best interest of the state? if the rejection scenario plays out, what happens to table games and tax breaks for casino operators. >> there will be table games in the five casinos. the tax breaks that would be income pent upon having a sixth casino would not come in. >> a poll finds 52% favor expanded gaming. 48% oppose. but a current state wide polling trends continue prince georges voters may not have the last word. >> i think an important factor here is that people are sick and tired of the ads. and when they get in that mood, their tendency will be to vote no. >> voters will be able to finally weigh in starting at the end of next week. early voting begins october 27th and ends november 1st. david collins wbal tv 11 news. read up on question seven and all the referendum questions on the november ballot using our
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new election 2012 smart phone app. you can all keep up with the presidential campaigns, plus the latest polls in the race for the white house. just search and download election 2012 on your smart phone or tablet. time right now 9:35. keeping your bones healthy in our woman's doctor, how vitamin d can play an essential role, and how much is too much. if you want your vehicle to last throughout the year, car care through the winter. little stormy last night but now we have some sunshine. insta weather plus forecast just ahead.
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>> let's look at the radar. clouds off shore.
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that's where the rain has gone from yesterday. it's not in range of the radar. we have a clean sweep of the radar. you can see a gray edge that runs across our area just west of town. that's cloudiness. a little impulse stretching through. that's bringing clouds in. there's no rain in it. that's a good part of this thing. we have sunny skies right now. some clouds will come in to play during the day today. right at the top of the screen, right above right now. bwi 5 2shg inner harbor 57. 89 fnt humidity. that number is going down as the sun heats the atmosphere. humidity goes down. 29.77. that's rising. that's the barometer. that's the high pressure coming in following that cold front. west wind at three miles an hour. it rained yesterday. came in two installments. one in the morning before day break. the strong stuff in the afternoon.
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combined total, via the rain, montgomery county, howard county into baltimore county. here's where the severe weather occurred. this orange over 2 inches of rain there. many areas got an inch, inch and a half of rain. now, behind the front temperatures have backed off. 70s yesterday for highs. today we'll be about ten degrees cooler. board walk 60. still 39 out. little chilly out there. here's the satellite image out over the ocean. then down off the chesapeake bay and cape hatteras. here are the other clouds drifting in. there's this surface reflection of the upper atmospheric storm over detroit. stuffs still spinning around that.
9:40 am
the little impulses and i kind of represented a couple here. they come through. they have a tendency to stir things up. although we may see a few clouds come out of that. this day will be very nice today. we'll average the day out by saying partly cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle in the afternoon or early evening. 63 to 68 the high, cooler than yesterday but average or normal for the season. west wind of 6 to 12 miles an hour. small craft advisories going up this afternoon because winds will pick up. one to two foot chop expected on the open waters of the bay. insta weather future cast. here's the result of the impulses coming through. most of the precipitation, that disturbance up to the north. that drifts out of the picture by early next week. we see lot of sun in this particular picture as far as the weather is concerned.
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here's a look at our insta weather plus forecast. 60s today and tomorrow. tomorrow morning there may be a couple suburban 30s, but on average low 30s for years. on monday, for the rest of next week, will be highs in the 70s. towards the end of the week, possibly a rain chance. we'll wait and see what happens. next week looks terrific. there's a big football game in texas and houston. the rave ns and texans. partly cloudy skies. warm and humid weather. 85 to 89 for the high. >> keeping your bones healthy is always important for young and old alike. vitamin d plays a crucial role in our bones playing strong. lisa robinson in this morning's woman's doctor. >> vitamin d is a way to warm our body.
9:42 am
>> sometimes that's hard to do. up in the north area where we are. >> vitamin d helps us maintain bone structure and strength. mercy medical center says you should know your levels. she said a simple blood test will tell you. an easy way to get vitamin d is through the great outdoors. >> unprotected sun time that helps the vitamin d levels. in about 15 minutes may be all it takes. >> if you do take supplements which can be helpful in the winter, don't go overboard. >> really, the guide is to know what your level is. the current recommendations from 800 international units to 1,000 international units for most people. >> you may be able to get vitamin d from the foods you eat but it's not going to be the best source for increasing your level. allison massey says certainly you can find vitamin d in milk and some juices. >> soy milk, some yogurt. you need to check the label,
9:43 am
make sure there's some clarification. >> lisa robinson, wbal tv 11 news. >> dr. kathy higelsauer is joining us. why are we hearing so much about vitamin d deficiencies. >> there's more an awareness. doctors are checking levels. we're in an area of the country where levels did tend to be low. >> this is something that wasn't previously a routine test that was run. >> i think it really is awareness. all hope that vitamin d has a lot of good effects besides the bones. that's a matter of research. some people are being told they need to take these supplements. how do you know how much is too much. >> one thing is to follow your blood levels. if you are very low, some doctors will try to get your levels up quickly. you shouldn't stay on a very high dose for vitamin d. after that's done, go into maintenance phase. always good to check again and
9:44 am
see where you are. >> lot of people are worried about spending too much time in the sun. >> too much sun is not good. we worry about skin cancer. but the other side of it is a little bit. like anything else, moderation is a good thing. when i talk about supplements, i like to think about goldilocks and the three bears combroup want that just right amount. >> even when you're driving in the car you joked about sticking your arm out the window. >> it is a hormone. we are able to make vitamin d in our skin. that's why some exposure helps. >> seems like unless you want to write down the amounts in every food item you eat, trying to rely on your food products is not the best way to go. >> you really can't. it's not something that's easily gotten from foods. for a lot of us, that's one of the things that we do need. hard to get all that sunshine. supplements are good for most people. >> ask the doctor if they should be tested.
9:45 am
>> collect the levels. stay where you are. if you need supplements, check it again. >> thank you so much for joining us. if you have any other questions or would like a referral call 1800-md-mercy. coming up how to not get ripped off when you take your car in for service. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> it's that time of year. thinking about or not just thinking about. winterizing your automobile. with storms, with aaa. how are you doing, chris? >> i'm doing well. >> everybody needs to get the automobile ready for the winter. what are some of the things to do? >> basically follow your manufacturer recommendation. each vehicle has one of those. you want to make sure that your tires and your tread is up to where it needs to be. a brand new tire comes in about 12 to 11/3 # of tread. >> here in the winter you want to have the right tread. very serious. >> especially now. you want to make sure you have the mack mum traction on the road when you're driving. >> what about mechanics? i guess a lot of us have our mechani mechanics. if you're getting ripped off, what do you do? >> you trust the employees.
9:49 am
make sure the facility is part of the math association. motor assistance program, like the bible to guidelines of what to recommend, how to recommend. if you go to one. >> quality facility. be sure to look for that whoen you're investigating to find out to get it looked at. >> you get the hybrid cars. they're having to go to school. constantly having to go to school. >> get electric cars. really expanding into something
9:50 am
that's new and different. it's people to have that technology. technicians are hard to keep interested in the industry because it's hard work. >> need repair kits, too, don't you? >> yes, you do. >> you're the best. when i go, if somebody's trying to go, taking my man chris with me. thanks a lot. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning. the ravens fly off to houston and terrell suggs will be on the team charter. it's not much of a bet that he will get to play this year. coming off that achilles tendon surgery. yeah, he practiced for the first time this week still not on the active roster. earlier in the week there was a report from espn that he would play this sunday. it's just almost improbable, impossible that he would suit up for a game sunday. still because of that report it became a story when john harbaugh had to tackle it, he did so on friday.
9:54 am
>> >> finally somebody asks a question. way to step up. if i knew i wouldn't tell you. i don't know that i know what i know and i don't know, i'm not sure, we'll have to see. that about sums it up. in all seriousness, he's done a really good job. very serious injury. he's worked really hard. course, not putting it out there is the fact that we practiced all week. >> terrell suggs not ready to play. high school football. after a delay dunbar. best chance for the engineers to break free. when eric white tripped up, the drive would stall. chan for dunbar to almost get it done. colt black ston. 53 yards. foster in the end zone. however, holding brought that one back.
9:55 am
this one in the second quarter does count. william crafts. to marvin gross. perfect throw and catch. off to the races. gone. dunbar a winner friday night over poly 20-0. earlier in the day, city and evanston. before the storms rolled in friday evening. red storm before the storms. damon barnes. going live. recovers his own fumble. touchdown. 6-0. back to work through the air. jerome gross. running at its finest. making guys miss. 20-6. city finally catches a break. what a catch. touchdown. 35-12. you can see evanston will continue to score. pack. 46 yards the other way and a
9:56 am
touchdown. edmonton a big win over its rival 37-12. that's a look at sports. see you back here tonight at 11. >> lot of people going to corn mazes today, i think. >> lots of sun now. we're going to pick up a few clouds for a while this afternoon. a sprinkle. never stopped anybody. great weekend. take a look that seven day forecast. 60s for highs. >> it was warm yesterday. >> it was. 66 is a normal high for this time of year. sunday looks sunny. 65 again for the high. next week in the 70s for highs. technically it's not indian summer. that's awfully nice for this time of year. we do pick up clouds by the end of the week and maybe by the end of the week we could see a shower but not that big a thing right now that it would be a major storm. really, a good forecast. we had the big game sunday.
9:57 am
houston is a hot and humid place. it will be humid. it will only be in the upper 80s. partly cloudy, no rain in the forecast. >> thanks. good luck to the ravens. that's all our time for now. thanks for being with us. >> see you back on the air tomorrow morning at 578. >> have a great day.
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